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Air International: air control in mills 4.0

The air treatment plant technology of Air International, a company based in Fara Gera d'Adda in the province of Bergamo, gives the nod to the dictates of Industry 4.0. With over 20 million m³/h of air treated for new installations it is making a name for itself as a key player in the cereal transformation industry. 

«Today the way forward for the future of the milling industry... - as Gianluigi Piccini, CEO of the Bergamo company specialized in the design, installation and maintenance of turnkey plants "made in Italy", underlines - is innovation, with the implementation of air control systems designed to enable optimal milling and therefore a consistently high quality product». In fact, air control in milling plants is strategic to guarantee perfect operation of the mill and to obtain products that comply with market requirements».

Maintaining a constant degree of humidity in working environments thus guarantees better milling, increasing the annual performance of the plant by up to 7/10%. And that's not all: thanks to the adiabatic cycle, it is possible for temperatures to be reduced by several degrees ensuring better working conditions during the summer months, while the possibility of recirculation of exhaust air from the plant means that the environment can be heated «free of charge» in the cold season.
All under the banner of automation. «The control of internal thermohygrometric conditions also means preventing and eliminating problems such as deposits and cross-sectional flow area reduction due to the condensation of the air inside the pipes - concludes Piccini. Our plants, once the set point values have been set, are able to self-adjust based on production requirements, as well as being constantly monitored by our remote control system: a "real time" monitoring which enables us to manage any ordinary or extraordinary maintenance interventions quickly». 


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