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The summer Issue of “Alimenti Funzionali” is now available

The latest issue of “Alimenti Funzionali” is a concentrate of health, wellness and beauty, thanks to experts’ tips and functional innovations selected by our editorial staff, such as black sesame snacks for preventing hypertension, detoxifying and mineral-rich drinks, bars that reduce cholesterol, organic cactus kosher churritos, prebiotics, innovative product technologies, fibers ... 

It attracts much of our interest: what to do to help the immune system and better deal with external attacks? We explain the role of a well-balanced diet. Concerning the vitamin D, our expert shows sources, bioavailability and functions, as well as she investigates its relation with cardiovascular diseases prevention and treatment.

We review the latest scientific research in health and nutrition and, plugged-in, we talk about smartworking, back pain and chiropractic, and how to get back in shape after lockdown.

Chef Giuseppe Giuliano, National Manager of the Pastry Sector of the Italian Chefs Federation, presents three recipes with summer ingredients: crunchy crumbs with red turnip, a warm pie with stracchino, eggs and carrots with apricot compote and goat milk goat, original rice, chicken, curry, apple and pepper caps, and finally praline and vanilla almonds, with chocolate and spreadable cheese and semifreddo with almond and coconut cream.

Focus on, why brown fat burns more calories and how much functional Italian gelato is essential in the diet, in Il Gelato che Cercavi, and special issue on natural functional foods.

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