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AVA, the premium water

Consumers want premium quality products but they also want these products to be affordable, so bottlers must meet customers’ expectation keeping under control production costs. 

Therefore, since the presentation of Pura bottle by PET Engineering in Riyadh in 2017, the company has seen an increasing interest for what we call “Premium Lightweighting” as consumers are shifting from a low-price approach to weighing, before buying, a brand's overall value proposition and packaging is, more and more, part of this evaluation process, also for commodity products such as water. 

This is why Abnaa Al Rabye asked PET Engineering to design for its Ava brand a premium 200, 330, 500 and 1500 ml bottle with a low weight able to solve the value dilemma: premium appeal and low-cost production. PET Engineering came up with a conical-shaped packaging solution with a series of vertical decorations that produce an interesting refraction effect, so the bottle seems to shine like a crystal in the light. 

The finishing touch is a cap with a silver finish, giving the bottle a premium look, and a preform color that matches with the corporate color scheme and with the label, also developed by PET Engineering.  

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