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In Amazonia to discover SMI solutions for Coca-Cola


Gaseosas Leticia

A modern bottling plant in the middle of the lung of the earth


In the “Tres Fronteras” area, in the heart of the fascinating Amazonia, the intense green of the jungle is interrupted to give home to Gaseosas Leticia, the smallest bottling plant in the world within the Coca-Cola company circuit, that has recently turned to SMI to automate the production of Coca-Cola bottles in PET and installed a new ultra-compact rotary stretch-blow moulder from the EBS K ERGON range.

This Colombian company, which currently has four bottling lines, thanks to the new EBS 4 K ERGON rotary stretch-blow moulder, aims to widen its production capacity by bottling soft drinks under the Coca-Cola brand in 0.5 and 2 L bottles in PET.

The soft drink industry is one of the most dynamic sectors of the Colombian economy, with the companies from the Coca-Cola Group in the lead for sales volume. In answer to the growing request, The Coca-Cola Company strengthened the investments in local production plants, with the aim to reinforce its share and produce more efficiently, using less energy and less water during all the bottling and packaging process. (Source Global Data – August 2018).

The advantages of the EBS K ERGON stretch-blow moulder

To discover all the advantages of the EBS K ERGON stretch-blow moulder, Smi Group has shown at Andina Pack trade fair the EBS 4 K ERGON which stands out for:
high-efficiency rotary stretch-blowing system, equipped with motorized stretch rods, controlled by electronic movements that do not require mechanical cams and ensure energy savings, fewer mechanical interventions and remarkable advantages compared to linear blowers;
ultra-compact structure with reduced size. The machine module groups the preform heating section and the stretch-blowing section;
fully electronic production process, with brushless motion transmission equipped with integrated servo driver;
reduced energy consumption thanks to the preform heating module, equipped with high energy efficiency IR lamps and dual air recovery system;
high production level thanks to high performance valves with low dead volumes, that enable to reduce the pre-blowing and blowing times.

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