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From liquor to hand sanitizer Dilmoor’s help

A great gesture of generosity has recently driven the Dilmoor Group, leader in the bottling and distribution of spirits, wines and drinks, to use its own plants in Pedrengo (in the district of Bergamo) for producing more than 12,000 bottles of alcohol solution for hand hygiene to give to the hospitals in Bergamo that are involved in the fight against Coronavirus.

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The Group, that is made up of the companies Dilmoor, Perlino and Celebrity, with production plants and warehouses in Pedrengo and Asti, has used the alcohol that is normally employed for the production of spirits and liquors, mixing and bottling plants and its own expertise to produce sanitizer, following the indications given by the World Health Organization.

With the spread of Coronavirus, that has affected heavily the district of Bergamo, the desire to give tangible help gave birth to this idea. The bottles of ready-to-use sanitizer have a particular shape, that recalls those of the liquor bottles and the label carries the slogan in the local dialect: «Bergamo #MolaMia» (Bergamo, don't give up!).
Dilmoor is one of the thousands of customers of SMI Group that has installed in its production facilities latest generation bottling plants characterized by high operational flexibility and extreme ease of control.

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